Winter tips to stay warm by The British School

Panchkula. The British School, Panchkula shared with the tiny tots of the kindergarten wing about how to stay warm in these winters.

The children were asked to layer up in terms of clothing. They were told to cover their heads and hands with warm caps and gloves. Jackets, mufflers, woollen socks are all required to beat the winter chills.

They were told about how in the winter season also, they need to be well hydrated. The young ones were advised to drink lots of warm water, soup and hot drinks.

Winter fruits and vegetables should be used to make healthy and tasty dishes for the children. Carrots, peas, oranges, grapes, guavas and beet root are nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables which must be included in our daily diet.

Dry fruits help us keep warm in the winter months. Cashews and raisins are the favourite of all the children. Peanuts and jaggery are nourishing and wholesome. Children were advised not in indulge in junk food.

The children were also asked to soak up the sun as much as possible. Sunlight soothes our body, keeps us warm and improves our mood. It gives us energy to keep fit and healthy in this season.

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