The British School organise A seminar on core life skills

Panchkula. A seminar on core life skills was held in The British School, Sector 12,
Panchkula, one of the leading schools of tricity for secondary classes.
With the belief that both the school and the parents play a vital role in a child’s
life they were sensitized about the core values and life skills which the youth of
today should possess to retain our Indian culture. Students were apprised
about the Indian traditions and what the children can do to preserve it.
The key note was delivered by Mrs. Ekta Nagpal, an active school parent.
Students were all ears as she spoke about basic set of values like waking at
dawn, spending time with nature and respecting our elders.
They were told how the children of today can work towards the betterment of
the tomorrow’s society. Students were told about the effects of global
warming, pollution, unemployment and how the students can put in their
efforts to reduce the effects of these. They were also told about organic
farming and medicines which are being developed in India and how India is
progressing and making a name for itself in all the industries worldwide. Khushi
Sethi and Ambur Mittal were interested to note the importance of locally
grown food.
School Principal, Ms.Anita Mehra addressed the students and told them that
it’s important that all children learn life skills to help them transition into
adulthood. The basic ethical values such as caring, honesty, fairness,
responsibility, and respect for self and others should be an integral part of a
child’s life.

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