The British School Panchkula participated in “One Nation Reading”

Panchkula. Around 500 students of The British School, Panchkula today participated in “One Nation Reading” held by Scholastic India, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. As the bell rang to mark the beginning of the reading session, the next 30 minutes, there was complete silence. Every member on the campus was reading.

The children really enjoyed and celebrated the reading session. Each and every student in the class read the books they had brought and shared their experiences about reading.  A serene calm prevailed in the school for about 30 minutes as the eager youthful minds delved deep into the fascinating world of books.

Students wrote slogans and thoughts on the Graffiti Wall Poster. They were very creative and artistic in this endeavor.School Administrator, Ms.Sushma Gupta told the students that a good book can teach us about things beyond our daily horizons. She also said that the culture of good reading habit calls for a kind of cooperation in which the authorities, the teachers as well as the parents, must be involved.

School Director, Ms.Geetika Sethi said, “One Nation Reading is an annual event where children in schools across the country spend 30 minutes on the designated day reading for fun, and doing other activities. By doing this we encourage the students to engage themselves in the pleasurable and enriching experience of reading.”

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