Day Starts with Rhyme and Action Songs in “The British School”

Panchkula. Students of Kindergarten Wing begin their day with swing time and singing of nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes are incredibly powerful influencers in preschool development. So singing BA BA BLACKSHEEP, ROW ROW YOUR BOAT, BILLI MAUSI KAHAN CHALI, at least fifty times or more, before a child turns five, certainly helps improve reading, spelling and other literacy skills.

Nursery rhymes are made up of verses which are made up of patterns which are easy first memorization pieces like TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE……… Children develop infrencing skills both with encountering new words like HUMPTY DUMPTY SAT ON A WALL HUMPTY DUMPTY HAD A GREAT FALL…..

Rhymes like Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon help children articulate words, modulate voices by practicing pitch, volume and inflection and enunciate clearly by saying them over and over without fear of criticism. As per school Director –Principal Ma᾿am Geetika Sethi, “Nursery rhymes are a crucial and critical part of pre-school years. Rhymes expand children’s imagination, promote creative dramatization and most important, classic poems like Baarish Aaye Cham Cham Cham, Chhata Le Ke Nikle Hum …. Or One Two Buckle My Shoe preserve culture and provide something in common between multiple generations’’.

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