The British School, Panchkula students visited Museum & Art Gallery Chandigarh

P1260525 (1)Panchkula. The students of The British School, Panchkula went to an explorative excursion to
the Museum of Natural History Sec- 10, Chandigarh, while the students of class 3
and 4 were most interested in the modals of the Dinasorour the older children
showed keen interest in the fossil exhibits. The diorama showing cave man lighting
up his cave paintings was a big hit among students with an artistic temperament.
Riddhi Jain, Naisha Khurrana and Ishita could relate to the exhibit on the
evolution of man with their current curriculum. Khushi Sethi and Jeevesh Uppal
were amazed to see the evolution of life from the prehistoric to the modern life.
Ompreet Gill, Rabaani Kaur and Viha Srivastava were surprised with the intricacy
of the Tarkha Paintings and the bronze statues of Shiva and Vishnu struct awe
amongst the children. The director of the school Mr. Sanjay Sethi said that, visit to
museums give child an opportunity to experience the ancient and the past and
understand their curriculum better.