The British School organised workshop to keep teachers update

Panchkula. A workshop was organised in The British School, Panchkula to keep the teachers updated about the latest news in terms of exams and assessments. It was an in house training where the teachers were sensitized that more interaction is required with the children these days. They were also told to always be positive with the children and motivate them to give their best.

Teachers were asked to encourage the students in their own area of specialisation and not expect them to be the best in every subject. Teachers should also be well prepared in advance for their class.

They were also informed about gender sensitivity and how we should not be biased towards any gender. We should always address the students as students or children and not as boys and girls. The staff was also apprised of how we all should bring about this change in the mindsets of the people and educate them about gender sensitivity.

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