Parenting workshop held at ‘The Nurtuary’ Preschool Peer Muchalla

DSC_0973Panchkula. Parenting workshop was conducted in the premises of The Nurtuary Preschool, Peer Muchalla on Feb 10, 2018. The event was commenced by Ms. Anupama Mankotia Gupta, school psychologist, who shared a presentation with parents on How to make their children independent and treat them during their various learning stages. Various memory games were played with parents and were shared valuable lessons on parenting. Dr. Anupama explained the parents about how to make children independent in their lives but at the same time setting limits to it. School Principal Mrs. Shikha Goyal shared her experience on handling kids of different age group while educating them other concepts. Also parents were guided to understand and listen to their children before reacting to their actions.