Summer Camp Concluded with memorable activities at Kidzee


Panchkula.  A host of activities were organized at Kidzee Preschool, Panchkula and Kidzee Preschool, Sector 12 A, Panchklula during “7th Summer Safari Finale 2019” which was held from 22nd May’19 till 6th June’19.  Children from age group 2-10 years took part in age appropriate activities every day.

Pottery, art and craft, dance, music, puppet show, splash pool, fireless cooking, table manners and etiquettes, yoga and exercise, Outing to an International food chain were the highlight of Kidzee “Summer Safari “. Children not only had fun during water play and Ice Cream Treats, but also the  little hands on potter’s wheel gave them a sense of pride on seeing their own creation through clay moulding, story enactment and thought provoking plays enacted by the students gave them the confidence to perform on stage.

Music session improved their vocal skills and dancing on latest songs taught them to put their best foot forward. Yoga and exercise made their bodies more flexible. Parents were appreciative of the efforts put in by the Kidzee staff and enjoyed watching the apple of their eyes perform on stage and were surprised to see the new skills adopted by their tiny tots in such a short span of time. Before leaving they promised to be back next year again for Kidzee Summer Safari.

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