Derabassi. NDLM (National Digital Literary Mission) is the program conducted by the govt. with the object to make one member of the family digitally literate. As a part of this program a quiz was conducted in the premises of CVRM DAV Public School, Derabassi for the students of classes VIII, IX and X on 1st December.
The students were divided into eight teams having four students each. The quizmaster of the day was Miss Poonam. She kept the audience alive with her sharp wit. After an hour of quizzing, team D comprising of Hemant, Shivam Saini, Karanpreet Saini and Karamjeet Singh emerged the winners and bagged the quizzer of the day award. This event exemplified the fact that there is a lot more to learn than what is taught in our text books. The audience provided great support to the participants by showing their enthusiasm and participation. All in all it was an interactive learning experience for the students, who enjoyed it thoroughly. And such events are regular feature of the school curriculum to enhance and upgrade the mental ability of the students. Also this helps them to join the race of the modern era.

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