MC Panchkula launched Scheme for schools to promote habit of segregation of solid waste

Panchkula: An orientation  programme on solid waste management  was held today at St Vivekanand Millennium School, HMT, Pinjore for teachers.  Rajesh Jogpal IAS, Commissioner, MC, Panchkula addressed the teachers on  Waste Management. Piyush Punj, Principal welcomed the chief guest.Dr DK Gupta Sr Consultant  and Priyanka Chauhan city team leader also addresses the teachers at the orientation  programme.
While addressing the programme, Rajesh Jogpal said “It is the endeavour of M C Panchkula to work with and engage educational institutions and students to bring about behavioural change and sensitization towards waste. The purpose is to enlighten household through students and their Parents  on the need to segregate solid waste at home and processing or recycling of wet and dry waste respectively.” The purpose is also to get new ethos and bring about attitudinal change as the households already have the knowledge as to how to to segregate process and recycycling. Involvement of school and thereby students one of the means to promote positive attitude and create positive habit of dealing with and managing waste at home, he added.
St Vivekanand Millennium School, HMT, Pinjore has volunteered to implement a pilot project with Municipal  Corporation Panchkula under which the students would help their parents at home in segregating solid waste at home and to carry domestic non-hazardous waste to school where it will be stored and the marketable surplus once accumulated will be sold to recyclers with the help of M C Panchkula. The students will also impress their parents to compost wet waste at home.This way the solid waste both dry and wet will be taken care of.The school will sensitize and train the students in this regard.
Municipal  Corporation  will help in making one porta container available to them which will be used to store the dry waste brought by students  to school.The MC will also provide financial incentive to school based on percentage of household segregating waste and the sale of dry waste.
The MC Panchkula is already conducting waste exchange programme in schools falling under its jurisdiction and has also made an innovative scheme at select booths where 10 plastic bottles are exchanged with half a liter packet of skimmed milk.

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