Let’s create a Disease-Free world!

Chandigarh. Students of class viii-x  of Gurukul Global School  did a research and made a collage of size-2.5ft*4ft on flex showcasing the five most commonly afflicted diseases in India and South Africa. The research included the disease- its causative agents and causative factors. These diseases were in terms of Communicable and Non- Communicable, Genetic and Deficiency diseases. A Questionnaire then circulated to gauze the understanding level of the students. With the help of the School Doctor or Family doctor, the students  created an Excel Sheet with the table highlighting the Diseases and their Preventive Measures in terms of the drug, vaccines or immunizations, needed to combat the diseases. The students also collected brochures/ pamphlets regarding any latest developments in the preventive action of these diseases. All the information regarding the preventive measures- drugs, vaccines and immunizations documented in the scrap files.