IMG_20171222_122613Panchkula. Mathematics is not about numbers, equations or algorithms it is about understanding. Jainendra organized a plethora of activities to mark ‘The National Maths Day’ which is celebrated on the birth date of great mathematic wizard Mr. S. Ramanujan.The programme commenced with a speech dedicated to this great mathematician. The main highlight of the programme was an interesting mathematical quiz. 6 teams of students were selected from classes 6 to 10 who were securitized from these classes through written test. Various activities were hosted in open science & mathematical park where difficult concepts were simplified in a fun filled manner. The contest inspired the children to think creatively & promoted reasonal & critical excellence in them. Then different tricks from Vedic Maths were also displayed for the students to ease down different calculations. The principal congratulated the Maths department for putting up such an educational endeavour & motivated the students to become next Ramanujam.