Gurukul Global Annual Festival – Umang concludes with great zest and elation.   

 The two day colorful annual festival of Gurukul Global School – UMANG – The colours of life closed on 1st December, 2018 amidst great fanfare and jubilation. The underlying theme for today’s panorama was to highlight the change that comes with time but has definite solutions, how these changes should be accepted and made a part of life. Today’s evening at the Inderdhanush Auditorium once again decorated to welcome the dignitaries i.e. the Chief Guest Honorable Justice Sh. A.K. Mittal, (Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh) and Guest of Honor was Sh. Yogeshwar Dutt, Padamashree (Free Style Wrestler) along with the President of the school Smt. Neena Setya, the Chairman Dr. V.D. Singh and MD Sh. Parveen Setya. The Principal Smt. Urvashi Kakkar took the privilege of presenting the School Annual Report.

The evening began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries. The mesmerizing Saraswati Vandana and the school orchestra have everyone transformed into the world of creativity and enthusiasm that the students of classes VI to IX had put in today.

All the items presented had the theme of Change – the change that is inevitable but highly recognized – be it in the arena of games – when the old games like Gulli – Danda and Kabbadi have been forgotten and their place has been taken by virtual games. The impact of this virtual world on the students, presented in the form of a skit by class IX forced everyone to put on their thinking caps. The students of class VII highlighted the social evil in the form of a mime depicting the gruesome reality of today – when the people though educated and updated – still have not been able to leave behind these evils. The finale had everyone pondering over the way the reverence and respect of the teachers has gone down and needs to be revived. In the end everyone was full of Hope  and sure that all is still not lost.

‘DARPANIKA’  – the school magazine was released to specially mark ten glorious years of school’s existence. DARPANIKA that highlights highest achievements of the school, teachers and students; the literary and artistic contributions of the students has been completely designed and created in house. In the end the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour gave away the prizes and accolades to all the meritorious and distinguished students as this serves as an impetus to their stellar performance, consistently.  The hall reverberated with the pride that could be seen clearly in the eyes of the parents whose wards were given these honors.

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