Global warming -Collaborative ISA Project with Asra School of Excellence Afghanistan

received_1740510179372254Chandigarh. Global Warming- The Great Meltdown  ;-collaborative(INDIA-AFGHANISTAN) “We control our body temperature by dressing heavily when it is cold and dressing lightly when it is hot. Throwing a coat over your shoulders on a warm spring day would make anyone feel hot.    In the same way, the earth has its own clothes to control its temperature. This function is fulfilled by the atmosphere, invisible to us, that wraps around the earth.”
Our students  collected  information regarding change in temperature and rainfall as a consequence of Global Warming in the past 5 years in India and represented the information through line graphs to highlight the changing weather phenomenon. Similarly, the students of the partner school Asra School of Excellence in Afghanistan collected information regarding climatic change in their country as a result of Global Warming and represented it through line graphs.
The students collected information on ways and means being adopted in their countries to reduce their contribution towards Global Warming and create a newsletter.
Common Newsletter put up on the school website of both the countries.