Panchkula: Punjabi Welfare Sabha Panchkula (PWS) is organising FREE MEDICAL CHECK-UP CAMP on account of LOHRI-MAGHI FESTIVALS on 14th January 2018 (SUNDAY) at  the hall of Shree Raghunath Mandir sec 15, Panchkula from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon {Blood-Sampling from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM only} in joint venture with Citizens Welfare Association, Pkl (CWA) & others. The following doctors have been consented to participate in this FREE MEDICAL CHECK-UP CAMP:

·         Dr S K Chhabra                  : Diabetes

·         Dr (Mrs) Vandana Verma  : Gynae Check-up)

·         Dr Anil Verma                      : General Checkup (Blood-Pressure etc)

·         Dr Kavita Goel                     : In-charge for Lab Tests (for Sugar test CBC+

Creatinine+Cholesterol+SGOT+SGPT) by Maharaja Aggarsain Charitable Trust, Panchkula with THEON FOUNDATION.


            The members of PWS, under the leadership of S K Nayar, President, PWS and CWA alongwith Mrs Lily Bawa, Sr Vice President; S/Shri Munshi Ram Arora, Sandip Arora, Vice Presidents; C B Sachdeva Secrty Gen.; Dinesh Sahni, Gen Secty; Vijay Arora Asstt Fin Secty; Raman Jagga Press Secty; B S Nandwani, Deepak Arora, Secretaries; Sushil Chopra, M L Sachdeva,  Sushil Gandhi, B B L Puri, Organising Secretaries jointly would provide all types of medicines to the patient required in the CAMP, FREE OF COST by the Punjabi Welfare Sabha Panchkula in association with Sh Tarsem Garg, Chairman Nagar, Sudhar Sabha, Pkl & Sh Bal Krishan Bansal President, Maharaja Aggarsain Charitable Trust, Pkl in collaboration with THEON Foundation Ltd. The residents of Panchkula are requested by the members of PWS to avail the opportunity for their welfare and benefits.