Panchkula. A very emotional Best Wishes Party was given to the students of Class XII. The party was a final get-together for the students to express their emotions and views with their classmates and the School.

The programme started with an Invocation followed by the speech of Director-Principal Mr. Krit Serai said that the motto of the school ‘Live With Effort’ should motivate the students to always perform their best. He also wished the students a very bright and successful future.

A Welcome Speech was given by the students. Various games were played by students. XII students gave emotional Best Wishes speeches and sang a memory song. The cultural programme started with parody performed on popular songs and a farewell song by XII students. Modelling Session was carried out by Class XII students for Mr. & Miss Satluj 2019 title. Co-Principal Ms. Reema Serai presented awards to the winners. The function ended with a sumptuous lunch with DJ Music.

XII Finalists are as under –
Mr. Satluj: Krish Chadha.

Miss Satluj: Simran.

Mr. Satluj Runners-up: Ishav Sood.

Miss Satluj Runners-up: Akshita Sharma.

Humanities Genius: Himanshi.

Commerce Genius: Komal Dhiman.

Science Genius: Khushi Puri.

Pillar of Strength: Sejal Sharma.

Ms. Gorgeous: Srishti Singh.

Ms. Charming: Phallak.

Mr. Handsome: Akashdeep Singh.

Music Glory: Parul.

Global Satlujian: Millenia.

Sports Glory: Nehal Pajni.

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