International School Award for Gurukul Global School

Chandigarh. Gurukul Global School experienced a state of euphoria and ecstasy as it received the InTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD from the International Body British Council. iSA as it is popularly called is a benchmarking scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for:
* Nurturing global citizenship in young people
* Enriching teaching and learning.
* The school embarked on its ISA journey in June 2017 with making of Action Plans for the 7 projects, all infused with international dimension. The school partnered with schools from Nepal and Afghanistan on a varied genre of projects Like Diseases of India-south Africa, water conservation in India- Germany,
Cultural exchange between India and Nepal, global warming between India and afghanistN to name just a few. The projects gave a deep understanding of these topics with respect to how these problems were tackled at the global level and what solutions were provided to these glaring problems plaguing the world today. All In All it was a great learning experience  for all he students and teachers as they got immense exposure to the global outlook!!
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