AIDS Awareness Week in Jainendra Public School

jpsA week long activity concluded on World Aids Day in Jainendra Public School. Aids awareness skit to disseminate message of empathy to AIDS patients was presented in the morning assembly.Cause, symptoms and modes of spreading AIDS were explained by simulating an expert talk show, Quiz related to facts as well as myths about this deadly disease was held .Poster making and slogan writing competition and AIDS awareness seminar made every student feel an enthusiastic volunteer to fight this disease.
Documentary film “Teach Aids” was shown to students’ .All the students and teachers worered ribbons symbolising their whole hearted support to prevent AIDS from the society. The highlight of the day was participation of all students joining hands to say “NO AIDS”. The
Principal Sudha Babbar motivated and evoked students to be the responsible citizens and be active participant of AIDS awareness campaign.

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