​DC Model celebrates Mango Day in School

Yet another no bag day in DC Model Sr. Sec school unleashed unlimited fun

and exaltation for the tiny tots. To relish the sweetness of the king of fruits ‘Mango’ the tiny tots of School shared the delight of celebrating Mango Day in school. The objective of the celebration was to impart fun filled learning

opportunities to the tiny tots. The children learnt about the king of fruits ‘Mango’. They were able to associate with the colour, shape and size of a mango. The theme was reinforced by the teachers by enacting a role play highlighting the nutritious value of the fruit which proved to be the highlight of the celebration. The role play enacted by the teachers imbibed in the students the value of conserving environment by saving trees .The pre-primary corridor was decorated according to the theme. All the students and teachers came dressed up in yellow clothes. Yummy mangoes and things made from them like Maaza, Fruity, Candies etc. were exhibited and distributed among the students. Kids enjoyed mango delicacies like mango shake, mango juice, mango cake and mango candies. The major attraction of the celebration was the recitation of mango poems and rhymes by the tiny tots which further honed their oratory skills. Later, the students gave a vent to their happiness by indulging themselves in mango head gear activity, which they wore back home as a take away of the day. It was a memorable day which everyone enjoyed to the utmost.